"Could Some Of My Friends Help You?"

Hi, I'm Tommy!

If you’re visiting this page, there is a pretty good chance we’ve met in person… but if not, I’d like to introduce myself as the founder of A1 Garage, the fastest growing garage door service company in the US.

I’ve also launched several other businesses, have a successful podcast with over 240+ episodes, and regularly contribute to Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazines.

Whether I’m at a conference, a speaking event, or a shop tour, the #1 question I’m asked is, “Tommy, what’s the secret to your success?” 

I can say, without a doubt, it’s the things I’ve learned and the friendships I’ve built from networking with other entrepreneurs.

I’m also often asked by other business people If, “I know anyone,” who can help their business in some way.

That’s why I’ve created this page which lists people and companies who I know, or do business with, that might be able to help you. 

Remember to tell them Tommy sent you, and you that expect the A1 Treatment!


Special For MenaceCon Attendees:

Acquisition Integration Checklist

Tommy's acquisition integration checklist is an excel sheet that covers pre-closing and post-closing activities for leadership, operations, marketing, lead gen & more. Click the button to access.

Get In Contact With The People Who Can Help You Grow Your Business.

negative review removal

Take control of your online reputation and let our team help you remove fake negative reviews from your online listings. We have removed over 70,000 negative reviews for our clients because we do the hard work for you!


Rapid Hire is changing the future of the recruiting world. We have combined technology and social media with state-of-the-art systems and processes to revolutionize recruiting for service technicians.

Employee Retention Credits

Get complete, rapid and uncompromising advice around Employee Retention Credits. We will help you identify all the ways your business has had impact on commerce, travel and group meetings to qualify for ERC.

Online Job Booking

Software and services for contractors that capture the right opportunities by meeting your customers—and their expectations—where they are. Capture more jobs, create a better customer experience all while reducing your costs.

Executive Search

Executive Search is time consuming and difficult to do right and there is a cost to a drawn-out hiring process. The Hunter Group minimizes the amount of time you need to spend on the search, providing faster and more efficient results.


Supercharge your digital marketing with 1SEO! Their track record of driving high-quality leads has earned them recognition as a Premier Google Partner, giving us exclusive access to Google representatives and tools, that help your business succeed.

Operating Manual Systems

All the operating manual templates you need to run your contracting business, 90 percent done for you...and a comprehensive video tutorial series that guides you step-by-step through how to edit the manuals and roll them out right.

Better Hiring with AI

Perception Predict is the modern way to build a team using human-centered data-driven AI models. Our assessment tool predicts a team member's expected future performance and empowers you to make better-informed decisions.

Field Service Mobile Tech

Turnkey mobile solutions for small to large service contractors who need mobile tools while in the field. We partner with leading software providers, wireless carriers, and hardware manufacturers to provide cost-efficient solutions.